Our New Color of the Month Program:

check out co-creator Tamara Stephenson's feature as a color expert on Hue Are You blog here


To highlight the ease of our custom coloring options on both our fabric and wallpaper, we created COLOR OF THE MONTH.  Each month we create a brand new color not offered in our collections and sample a few of our patterns in that hue.  We offer swatches of them to our showrooms and clients, and if you see a pattern/colorway you like, please fill out the form below and we will send you a swatch.  We then add these colors to our permanent collections. Please reach out for details at rootcellardesigns@gmail.com

August- Crisp, clean, a little-buttoned up CADET BLUE takes us to the end of summer with this gorgeous hue channeling the summer’s warm ocean and sky.

July- Cornflower blue brings the fields of cornflowers top of mind- let’s adorn this onto our textiles and wallpaper channeling summer- this is a soft, dusty yet vivid hue at the same time.

June- the first month of summer we infused a vibrant lilac color, PLUM UP into our textile collections! Pops of this color throughout your home will bring the season’s sentiment both indoors and outdoors- try these on our PORCH textile for fabulous outdoor cushions.

May- we welcome a new color SUMMER CORAL, a take on Pantone’s Color of the Month Living Coral, a tad lighter it is the perfect hue for summer decorating. Printed on our PORCH indoor/outdoor textile it makes a lovely option for outdoor pillows and upholstery.

March & April- shining bright like a diamond, yet no color our new color DIAMOND for March is the perfect neutral a little bit warm a little bit cool and a great combination to all our jewel-colored hues we are offering with this new Spring collection, GEMS. It works nicely with the dramatic TIFFANY so we combined the two months. Also showing our table design for the Lenox hill gala- a tiffany and green inspired table using our new GEMS collections on the table for this black-tie NYC charity.

February— Keeps the Jewel-Tones Top Of Mind With Garnet — A beautiful jewel-tone, yet mellow, earthy red

2019 COLOR OF THE MONTH— Starting With January new fabric collection, GEM we chose MOOD RING, which holds thermotropic crystals to show various temperatures. Mood Ring is a foil for all the colors around it, and it’s the perfect warm neutral to showcase a variety of hues in the rainbow.

see below all our 2018 Color of the Month choices…

May is Poppy-- think spring, vibrant tomato-red fields of fresh poppies...even a small amount upholstered on a bench or pillow can brighten up a room.

June is Pool-- inspired by the back-yard swimming pool, and in anticipation of pool-side lazy summer days. Paired with indoor/outdoor textile PORCH, they make perfect outdoor cushions or pillows.  

July is Cut Grass-- In the midst of summer, there is nothing better than the color and smell of fresh cut grass.  We colored some of our favorite patterns to keep the summery season in our home all year long

August is Saffron-- Inspired by the saturated colors seen at the Farmer's Markets-- the sun-drenched fields of sunflowers, the saffron and rich-hues.

September is Harvest Moon-- shorter days and longer nights, the weather starts to change and so do our hues.  Harvest Moon works well with browns and greys. 

October is Amethyst— this rich jewel-tone color encourages consciousness. Heading into Autumn and chillier days, we can benefit from this energy, enlightenment and beautiful color!


November is Sapphire- With the holidays upon us, November is about bringing dressed up style. Blue is soothing but Sapphire takes it up a notch with vibrancy.

December is rich holiday-inspired Evergreen that can instantly warm up a room with its elegant hue.


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