April, 2017-- three new patterns and new colors available from the new exotica fabric & wallpaper collection. black & blue wallpaper collection debuted fall 2016.  


18 pattern collection, Black & Blue offered in three color options, showing a lovely palette of rich blues, indigos, neutrals with black and grey.These papers are easily removable, applied with water and have a nice smooth, washable surface. They take wallpaper to another level with durability and ease of installation--soak in water and apply.Root Cellar Designs wallpaper is PVC-free and printed using water-based, eco-friendly inks, and like root cellar designs' fabrics, all Made in the USA. Available in the newly opened, gorgeous Bradley showroom in the New York Design Center; Kirby & Company in Darien, Connecticut; and, Ken Kehoe showroom in Houston, Texas. 

"Susan and I pooled our collective life-long love for wallpaper to create the Black & Blue collection, and offer a wallpaper that is easy to clean, has durability and can also be removed more readily than other papers.We tapped into inspirations from both modern and classic design to create these patterns, then turned some of these concepts on their side in order to produce unique, witty designs with a little bit of edge.There are a lot of beautiful wallpapers on the market, and we wanted to add to the rich offerings by producing patterns not seen elsewhere.Please enjoy--We would be over the moon if you send us a photograph of these designs in your homes to post here on the website.Co-Founder/Creator -Tamara Stephenson
 root cellar designs' wallpaper rolls comes 24" wide and 12' in length For pricing and to order, reach out to us at rootcellardesigns@gmail.com

exotica collection: April, 2017-- new patterns & colors

black & blue collection - fall, 2016  18 patterns